Access Bank’s various business sectors

Our Businesses

The Access Bank Congo's main business activities which are organised along four customer segments, each served by strategic business units (“SBUs”) as follows:

Institutional Banking

The Institutional Banking SBUs focuses on offering a comprehensive suite of products and services for large institutions, multinational corporations, well-structured local and foreign owned companies with minimum annual turnover of $100 million and with risk rating falling within a specified limit, as well as financial institutions in the banking, capital markets, pensions and insurance sub-sectors. These products and services include treasury (trading in fixed income and currency products), corporate finance, project finance and structured finance. This division is also responsible for the subsidiary’s relationships with domestic and international financial institutions (including development finance institutions ("DFIs").

The Institutional Banking SBUs helps clients to enhance corporate strategies and develop opportunities for growth nationwide. It also provides clients with expertise, research analysis and result-based methodologies that enable them to make sound financial decisions, suited to their business environment.

The Institutional Banking SBUs covers sectors including and not restricted to Cement and Construction, Communications, Manufacturing, Upstream Oil and Gas, and Financial Institutions sectors, and selective focus in the Downstream Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation, Agriculture and Real Estate sectors.

Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking SBU focuses on incorporated companies with turnover of  $5 million and above (excluding companies that meet Corporate and Investment Banking SBU customer criteria). The Commercial Banking SBU's target market includes companies that are within the Corporate and Investment Banking value chain. Specific target customers include Asian companies in key sectors/industries and select states/cities, manufacturing companies, consumer, hospitality and lifestyle companies and contractors in select sectors (oil and gas, construction and real estate).

Public Institutions

The Public Institutions SBU focuses on Central and Regional ministries, departments and agencies, as well as state and local governments. The Public Institutions SBU's target market includes Central, State, and Local Governments.

Personal, Private and Business Banking

The Personal, Private and Business Banking SBU focuses on companies and small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") with annual turnover of not more than $5 million. The Business Banking SBU's target market model focuses on the implementation of a [holistic] SME partnership and advisory programme while extending its global facility framework to cover the SME segment of the value chain of selected Access Bank corporate and commercial banking customers.

The Personal Banking section of the SBU focuses on affluent professionals, employees in the value chain of the Bank’s corporate clients, as well as students, pensioners, employees of religious organizations and informal traders, while the Private Banking section focuses on High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) and Ultra-High Net-worth Individuals (UHNI).